Our Quality Assurance Statement

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Quality Assurance

Meeting our client’s needs and ensuring they are satisfied is of paramount importance to Queensland Water Supply. We aim to do this by providing a high level of customer service.

Queensland Water Supply is committed to continuous quality improvement. Through involvement of all personnel and clients, in a systematic, logical process, to continually improve our work practices and procedures.

It is our policy to:

  • Keep operators regularly trained, including the delicacy final trim work within the civil industry
  • Ensure operators are trained to communicate and understand the needs of other operators onsite
  • Ensure regular maintenance is carried out on all plant equipment and fully documented in logs
  • Conduct Pre-start checklist
  • Using fresh potable tap water, ensuring water quality is always of the highest standard for the needs of the client
  • Plan, manage and document our work activities in compliance with our policies and procedures as well as client requirements and statutory regulations.
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